Irish Wagyu Burgers (Collection)

We have dedicated over 20 years to perfecting our beef’s appearance, ensuring quality breeding, quality genetics and a quality Irish product.

Irish Wagyu Burgers (Collection)


This Product is for Collection or Delivery Within Millstreet Area Only.

4x 6oz Wagyu Burgers.

Ingredients: 100% Wagyu Beef

No additives, no preservatives, no flavourings.

Naturally Gluten Free.

Why Wagyu

Wagyu is a delicate beef. Its exceptional umami flavour comes from the intense marbling unique to the wagyu breed. Our burgers are flash frozen to lock in freshness and flavour. For best results, defrost before cooking and fry the burgers in their own fat. We don’t recommend using grills, grill pans or air fryers. The unique wagyu taste comes from its fat. Unlike other cattle breeds Wagyu fat is monounsaturated fat. That’s the good stuff! Packed full of Omega Fatty Acids and packed full of flavour!! We actually recommend saving the beautiful drippings and using it to fry sausages or to add flavour to your roast potatoes.

Collection or Delivery

We pack orders every Tuesday. They will usually be available for same day collection from our farm. We may be able to deliver to your door, depending on the size of your order. Conor will be in contact with you to make arrangements.

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This Product is for Collection or Delivery Within Millstreet Area Only

You will be charged a cancellation fee if you order from outside the collection zone.